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Current Work

August 2014 - Responsive Adventures in JavaScript

Script written for a responsive slider to display more than one button at once, that also takes into account mobile-device orientation change:

JavaScript is fine usually, as the file is loaded upon page load. It became obvious though responsive design would need a way of targeting different dimension considerations, if different actions needed to occur on different screens pixel-widths. The code on this page was used as a basis for this.

This then further needed refining, as having a mobile-device change orientation would kick-in the CSS media-queries as would be expected – but there was no obvious way of reloading the JavaScript file without a full-page refresh, which was cumbersome for the user. Therefore a way of targeting orientation-change listening to reload JavaScript on-the-fly was required. The code on this page was used as a basis for this.

So combining the above and this resource I created a slider to display more than one button at once, that combines the aforementioned separate phone (320px-767px) and tablet (768px+) orientation change listening to reload JavaScript on-the-fly (should a mobile-device be oriented portrait or landscape from initial load) - and the more usual different dimension considerations for a smooth responsive desktop experience, should the window be less than 1024px.

The fruits of this work, along with responsive overlay button examples can be found here.

Previous Work

October 2013 - Personal website revamp

Considering current skills that have been crafted, it seemed fitting to pour them into crafting a future-proof HTML5 / CSS3 responsive website. The inability for Mobile platforms to generally display Flash platform content as well, was proving to be a cause for concern as time has moved on.

It has actually proved more tricky to consider which work is worth keeping to showcase, and which to remove from upload. A lot of older work is certainly not up to current standards so to broadcast personal abilities in the most positive light these older projects have been removed. Only about 50% is currently converted, so the other pages beyond Home, Gallery and Flash Work need porting over.

Over the next few weeks there is a lot more responsiveness to be added to the site, especially to the top-area of the Homepage - a Mobile-friendly Menu system needs to be incorporated, and other small tweaks can be deployed instead of its current Desktop incarnation. Generally annotations to all of the other sections explaining my work is also needed. Some neat fonts and other small embellishment would not go amiss either!

If you are interested in what the site looked like originally, please click here.

How to Contact

For any enquiries regarding work or roles, please feel free to call on: 07925 332790 Alternatively, please Email at: revilosirrah@gmail.com In case there is any wonder, the above Email address prefix is the Author's name backwards!

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